Little Beauties :: Prototype Ponies

"High Fashion Horses With Beautiful Hair!"

Little Beauties were produced by Multi Toys Corp in 1987-90. They were a series of small plastic ponies with moulded clothes and brushable manes and tails. They were very similar to Petite My Little Ponies, and often get mistaken for them or written off as "fakies".

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Image on this page thanks to thanks to Jana and Melanie!

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Prototype Ponies

As with all toy lines, prototypes were made for each of the ponies and Jana was lucky enough to find a big load!

Original Prototypes

Apart from Nite Star, all seem to be final moulds for the original ponies produced. Many were without hair and came in varying colours. The Nite Star prototype mould differs from her production mould, and I've also found a couple of fully painted prototypes for her too, where as all others here are plain.

I've included production pony images alongside their prototype counterparts for comparison.

Prototype Bobbi Production Bobbi

Prototype Hi Tops Production Hi Tops

Prototype Little Glitter Production Little Glitter

Prototype Little Tutu Production Little Tutu

Prototype Pom Pom Production Pom Pom

Prototype Skippity Skate

Prototype Wedding Belle Production Wedding Belles

Prototype Workout Girl Production Workout Girl

Prototype Nite Star Production Nite Star

Growing Hair Prototypes

As I've never come across any images of the Growing Hair ponies (other than the one on the packaging back), so they are probably the closest we are going to get!

These three images show the designing stage through to fruition. The middle image shows part of the the winding mechanism for the "growing hair" feature on its hip. All the pictures further down are covered up by the decoration.

There are six different prototypes pictured below, possible the complete set.

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Little Beauties :: Prototype Ponies