My Little Pony :: Accessories & Playsets ~ Year 3 [1984 - 1985]

My Little Pony were originally produced by Hasbro for twelve years from 1982 to 1994 (Generation 1, or G1), with the last two years only being sold in UK/Europe, making them very collectable to US buyers. There were literally hundreds (if not thousands!) of ponies produced, as well as ample playsets and other pony accessories.

MLP Year 3 had eight new sets of ponies (plus two new UK sets) and one new set of plush ponies. There was one set of special offer ponies, four new playsets, plus new accessories and pony wear.

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Year 3 ~ Contents

Accessories & Playsets



Pony Wear

Baby Buggy [1st Issue]

"Wheee! Take Baby Pony Cuddles for a stroll in her frilly new Baby Buggy!"

Baby Buggy came with a baby pony called Baby Cuddles. There were several accessories included:

  • White wicker-effect carriage with a pale pink parasol
  • Pink bonnet, nappy and hair ribbon
  • Pillow and blanket (pink w/pink & green flower pattern and white lace trim)
  • Rattle (white top/purple bottom)
  • Bottle (w/pink band), bear brush and story book

Baby Buggy was re-released (unchanged) in Year 4 and Baby Cuddles was given Beddy-Bye Eyes, and re-designed as Princess Baby Buggy in Year 8.

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Baby Cuddles
Type: Earth
Body: Aqua
Hair: Pink
Symbol: Rattle

Baby Pony Stroller [UK Playset, 1st Issue]

Baby Pony Stroller came with one baby pony called Baby Bow Tie, who is quite collectable. This playset was made exclusively for the UK. Baby Bow Tie was also sold seperatly in Spain.

It was re-issued in Year 4 with Baby Lemon Drop and the stroller changed colour from pink to purple.

See also:

Baby Bow Tie
Type: Earth
Body: Blue
Hair: Pink
Symbol: Bow Ties

Lullabye Nursery [1st Issue]

"Baby pony Tiddly-Winks invites all her pony friends to play in her colourful nursery filled with lots of toys and fun things to do!"

Lullabye Nursery came with a baby pony called Baby Tiddly-Winks and loads of accessories:

  • Light blue dresser
  • Pink mirror
  • White cradle
  • Pink plush teddy bear
  • Pink bathtub (w/blue tap)
  • White bath towel (w/blue trim & pink heart)
  • Two bottles (one with yellow band; one with pink band)
  • Pink bar soap
  • Purple rocker
  • Yellow rattle (w/white top)
  • Baby powder
  • Two pink bowls
  • Pink ID necklace (w/white letters)
  • Bear brush

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Lullabye Nursery was re-released in Year 4 and Baby Tiddly-Winks was given Beddy-Bye Eyes. Baby Tiddly-Winks (non BBE) was also re-issued in Year 7 as part of the Playset Ponies special offer along side Majesty, Lemon Drop, Sprinkles and Baby Half Note.

Baby Tiddly-Winks
Type: Earth
Body: Pink
Hair: White
Symbol: Bib

Megan's Place [Sears Catalogue Exclusive]

"Megan's Place is just perfect for holding jumping competitions and awarding prizes."

Megan's Palace was exclusively available through the 1985 US Sears catalogue, making it very rare and highly collectable. It was made using the Show Stable mould and was available with or without Megan & Sundance. Another similarity with Snowball,

The house also included:

  • 2 Troughs
  • 2 Shelves
  • 6 Fence Sections, pole & A-Styel Jumps
  • 3 Trophy Cups
  • 3 Flags
  • 3 Rosettes
  • 2 Flower Bouquets
  • Bed
  • Blanket
  • Spinning weather vane

See also:

Sundance Snowball Megan
Type: Earth
Body: White
Hair: Pink
Symbol: Hearts & Dots
Type: Dog
Body: White & Pink
Type: Doll
Body: Blond
Dress: White with PInk Trim, Pink Shoes & White Pants


The only accessory produced in Year 3 was the UK Pony Jewellery.

Pony Jewellery [UK]

Pony Jewellery was a UK exclusive and sold alongside various Pony Wear outfits.

The set included a small plastic jewellery box with a picture of Cotton Candy on plus various pieces of jewellery and hair accessories and even a miniature pony similar to the Mommy Charms produced in Year 6.

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The jewellery box was produced in pink and blue. There were two further sets produced in 1986.

Jewellery Box Jewellery Box

Pony Wear

Year 3 saw the addition of three more sets of Pony Wear in the US. The range was greatly extended in Years 4 and 5.

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Pony Wear

Four more outfits were added in 1985. Three of these four outfits were sold in the UK as part of "Collection 3".

  • Flashprance - (UK same name - Collection 3)
  • Party Time - (UK "Birthday Girl" - Collection 3)
  • Pom Pom Pony
  • Pony Luv - (UK "Tennis Fun" - Collection 3)

I haven't come across any US packaging for "Party Time" yet, the image shown is the UK version.


Party Time Pom Pom Pony Pony Luv

This publicity image also includes the Year 4 sets.

Pony Wear with Jewelry

This set came with small pieces of jewellery  UK as "Glamour & Giltter Collection" (Pageant Queen was not included and Wedding Bells was sold separately with Confetti pony).

  • From the Designer Collection... ~ (UK "Scarlet Sensation")
  • Hearts & Candy ~ (UK "My Valentine")
  • Lights, Camera, Action ~ (UK "Movie Star")
  • Pageant Queen
  • Something Old-Something New ~ (UK "Wedding Bells with Conffetti Pony")
  • Sweetness and Lace ~ (UK "Champagne and Lace")
From the Designer Collection... Hearts & Candy Lights, Camera, Action

Pageant Queen Something Old - Something New Sweetness and Lace

Mother & Baby Pony Wear

The adult outfits in this group were sold separately in UK as part of the Pony Wear Collection 4. The only one not included in Pony Wear Collection 4 was the Rainy Day outfit, which was part of a different Pony Ware set. The baby wear was never sold in UK.

  • Pony Workout ~ (UK adult "Fun Run")
  • Prima Ballerina ~ (UK adult "Ballerina")
  • Ready for Rainbows ~ (UK adult "Rainy Day")
  • Snow Angels ~ (UK adult "Ice Dance")
  • Sun & Fun ~ (UK adult "Beach Party")
  • Sunday Stroll
Pony Workout Prima Ballerina Ready for Rainbows

Snow Angels Sun & Fun Sunday Stroll

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When you click links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network and Google AdSense.
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