My Little Pony :: Accessories & Playsets ~ Year 8 [1989 - 1990]

MLP Year 8 had ten new sets of ponies, seven new special offers and one new playset.

A huge thanks to Renee for all the pamphlet scans and to everyone else who has helped with images, including many eBay sellers!

Year 8 ~ Contents

Accessories & Playsets


Princess Baby Buggy [3rd issue]

Princess Baby Buggy was the third time the Baby Buggy was released. It wen under a re-design with darker pink wicker-effect carriage and parasol, and the wheels were now a translucent glittery pink. It also came with different accessories and a new baby pony called Baby Princess Sparkle.

Accessories included:

  • pink felt blanket
  • aqua dish w/pink spoon
  • aqua training cup
  • pink shooting star hair-clip
  • purple duck comb
  • white and silver lace ribbon

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My Little Pony :: Year 8 Accessories & Playsets