My Little Pony :: Accessories & Playsets ~ Year 4 [1985 - 1986]

MLP Year 4 had five sets of ponies, a new Megan & Sundance, the introduction of Molly & Baby Sundance and a new set of Plush Ponies. There were also several non US variations and alternatives. There was one set of special offer ponies, six playsets (including two re-issues), one accessory and three pony wear sets.

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Year 4 ~ Contents

Accessories & Playsets



Pony Wear

Baby Bonnet School of Dance

"Make believe your ponies learn to prance at the My Little Pony Baby Bonnet School of Dance. Baby Half Note with Beddy-Bye eyes spins on the revolving dance floor. Six characters included plus leg warmers, tutu and tiara for Baby Half Note and more. Plastic storage folds for carrying."

Baby Bonnet School of Dance came with one baby pony, Baby Half Note, who had Beddy-Bye Eyes. When closed, the playset could be carried and when opened the front panel became a stage with three revolving platforms.

Baby Half Note was re-issues in Year 7 as part of the Playset Ponies special offer along side Majesty, Lemon Drop, Sprinkles and Baby Half Note. Her pose was changed as was given non BBE.

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Baby Cuddles

Type: Earth
Body: Lavebder
Hair: Aqua
Symbol: Ballet shoes

The playset included:

  • white mesh tutu
  • 4 pink leg-warmers
  • pink flower tiara
  • butterfly brush
  • hair ribbon
  • 3 pairs of animal friends (pink & yellow) - two bunnies, two swans and two bees
  • pink ballet box
  • pink sign for showing dance routines

Baby Buggy [2nd issue]

Baby Buggy was re-issued unchanged from Year 3 and included Baby Cuddles again, only this time with Beddy-Bye Eyes. This playset was re-designed for Year 8's Princess Baby Buggy.

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Baby Cuddles

Type: Earth
Body: Green-Blue
Hair: Pink
Symbol: Rattle

Baby Pony Stroller [UK Playset, 2nd Issue]

The 2nd issue of Baby Pony Stroller came with one new baby pony called Baby Lemon Drop, who is quite collectable. This playset was made exclusively for the UK. Baby Lemon Drop was also sold seperatly in Germany, but posed differently.

The stroller changed from pink to purple.

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Type: Earth
Body: Yellow
Hair: Purple
Symbol: Lemon Drops

Lullabye Nursery [2nd issue]

The 2nd issue of Year 3's Lullaby Nursery included Baby Tiddly-Winks again, only this time with Beddy-Bye Eyes. The Nursery itself remained unchanged.

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Baby Tiddly-Winks

Type: Earth
Body: Pink
Hair: White
Symbol: Bib

Paradise Estate

"My Little Pony Paradise Estate is a fully furnished 4-room mansion, including a luxurious swimming pool and patio area. Fits all ponies. Swimming pool really holds water and it's removable - easy to fill and empty. 60 pieces of furniture and accessories."

Paradise Estate was the largest playset to be produced. When open it revealed four big fully furnished rooms: kitchen, living room, bedroom and nursery. Each room came with their appropriate furniture and accessories, numbering over 60 in all.

Paradise Estate did not come with any ponies and was reissued in Year 5 unchanged.

Party Gift Pack

"My Little Pony Party pack comes with 5 ponies and everything you need to give a pretend birthday party."

The Party Gift Pack was a collection of five new ponies and loads of accessories. This set was not sold in the UK, where an alternative called "Birthday Party" was sold with one new pony but all the same accessories.

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Baby Frosting Baby Celebrate Best Wishes

Type: Unicorn [Beddy-Bye Eyes]
Body: Green
Hair: White
Symbol: Cakes with candles
Type: Sea [Pretty 'n Pearly]
Body: White
Hair: Purple
Symbol: Pink w/orange turtle
Type: Pegasus [So Soft]
Body: Pink
Hair: Yellow
Symbol: Candles

Party Time Yum Yum

Type: Earth [Twinkle-Eyed]
Body: Orange
Hair: Pink, white, chartreuse & blue
Symbol: Party hats
Type: Earth [Flutter Pony]
Body: Purple
Hair: Chartreuse
Symbol: Wrapped sweets

The set came with:

  • 5 hats
  • 6 peice birthday cake and six candles (removeable)
  • 1 blue serving plate, 6 yellow cups and 6 blue plates
  • 5 party favours
  • Pin-the-Tail on the Pony game (including two blindfolds and two tails)
  • "It's a Party" blanket
  • "It's Party Time" sign
  • Party panties in a box (for Baby Frosting)
  • 1 balloon and 1 decorated gift box
  • 5 pony-sized party invitations and one large party invitation
  • 5 ribbons, 1 brush, 1 hair pick
  • Sticker

Birthday Party [UK playset]

Birthday Party playset was the UK alternative to the US Party Gift Pack playset.

It included one new pony called Tuttie Fruttie. and came with the same items as the Party Gift Pack, only featured Tuttie Fruttie on the items where a pony was shown.

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Tuttie Fruttie

Type: Earth
Body: Orange
Hair: Green w/yellow
Symbol: Citrus fruit


The only accessory produced in Year 4 was the Pony Purse.

Pony Purse

The Pony Purse was made for carrying Ponies and their accessories. An adult pony could fit inside, with a small pocket for it's clothes and accessories. There was also an outer pocket just right for fitting a baby pony inside. The Pony Purse came with it's very own baby pony, Baby Sleepy Pie, who had Beddy-Bye Eyes.

Although the Pony Purse was not sold in the UK, Baby Sleepy Pie did become available, most probably after US production had ceased around Year 10.

A new Pony Purse was released in Year 5 with a new pony of its own.

Also see:

Baby Sleepy Pie

Type: Earth
Body: White
Hair: Blue
Symbol: Teddy bear

Pony Wear

Continuing on from Year 3 there were three new sets of Pony Wear produced in Year 4 and more produced in Year 5.

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Pony Wear

Four more outfits were added in Year 4. Each Pony Wear outfit came with a grape-scented sticker that pictured a pony wearing the outfit. None of these outfits were sold in the UK.

  • City Kids
  • Having a Luau
  • Neon Lights
  • Strike Up the Band
City Kids Having a Luau Neon Lights Strike Up the Band

Baby Pony Wear with Pocket Pals

Baby Pony Wear with Pocket Pals was the first set of Pony Wear for baby ponies. They were sold in pairs and each one came with a "Pocket Pal" doll, made up of two pom-poms, that fitted a pocket of a matching outfit.

Each Baby Pony Wear outfit came with a grape-scented sticker that pictured two baby ponies wearing the outfits. A second set was produced the following year. In the UK three of these outfits has slightly different names.

  • Bathrobe & Clown ~ (UK "Clown Suit & Bathrobe")
  • Bunny & Overalls ~ (UK "Bunny Suit & Dungarees")
  • Dragon & Sunsuit ~ (UK "Sundress & Dragon")
  • Jumper & Snowsuit ~ (UK "Snowsuit & Pinafore")

Later additions:

  • Elephant Suit & Partywear
  • Lion Suit & Sleepwear
Bathrobe & Clown Bunny & Overalls Dragon & Sunsuit

Jumper & Snowsuit Elephant Suit & Partywear Lion Suit & Sleepwear

These images are thanks to Glitzie86!

Clown costume with clown pal
Bathrobe with duck pal
Dragon outfit with dragon pal
Sunsuit with frog pal [UK: Sundress with frog pal]

Overalls with doll pal [UK: Dungarees with doll pal]
Bunny suit with bunny pal
Snowsuit with snowman pal
Jumper with kitten pal [UK: Pinafore with kitten pa]

Megan and Pony Wear

Each Megan and Pony Wear outfit came an outfit for Megan and a matching cape for Sundance. Each one came with a grape-scented sticker that pictured Megan and Sundance wearing the outfits.

  • By the Sea
  • Country Jamboree
  • Flower Darlings
  • Ice Princesses
  • Picnic In the Park
  • Sweet Dreams

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By the Sea Country Jamboree Flower Darlings

Ice Princesses Picnic In the Park Sweet Dreams

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