Fashion Star Fillies :: Feelin' Fancy

"In the world of ultra glamorous fashion, one name is on everyones lips: Fashion Star Fillies!"

Fashion Star Fillies were produced by Kenner in the mid 1980's. They were a series of shimmery, multi-coloured horses which could have their long manes and tails styled and bodies painted. There were several sets of fashion wear, hair & body adornments and one playset.

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Feelin' Fancy

"These fabulous Fashion Star Fillies horses are the graceful and elegant Feelin' Fancy fillies. Each of these charming beauties has a lace design on her body reflecting her own unique personality. Collect all eight of these special lace fillies for more fun with Fashion Star Fillies "

There were eight ponies in the Feelin' Fancy series. They had different lace patterns on their sides. Some of these were re-releases from the original series.



  • 2 Pink Heart Barrettes
  • Iridescent Pink and WhiteHead Bow
  • Iridescent Tail Skirt
  • Purple Flower Comb



  • 1 Purple Horse Head Barrettes
  • 1 Pink Horse Head Barrettes
  • Pink Sequined Tail Wrap
  • Gold and Pink Crown
  • Pink Cape with Lavender Fur Trim
  • Pink or Purple Horse Head Brush



  • 1 Pink Sparkly Palm Tree Barette
  • 1 Green Sparkly Palm Tree Barette
  • 2 Lime Green Curly Shoelaces
  • Lime Green Tail Skirt
  • Green Palm Tree Comb



  • 1 Pink Snowflake Barrettes
  • 2 Purple Snowflake Barrette
  • Multicolor Speckled Tail Scrunchy
  • Hot Pink Head Muff
  • 2 Hot Pink Hoof Muffs
  • 2 Light Pink Hoof Muffs
  • Pink Snowflake Comb



  • Pink Sheer Ribbon with Jewel
  • Pink Sheer Tail Ribbon
  • 4 Gold Beaded Anklets
  • 2 Shiny Gold Star Barrettes
  • Blue Star Comb



  • 2 Shiny Blue Star Barrettes
  • 2 Shiny Pink Star Barrettes
  • White and Teal Mesh Head Piece
  • White and Teal Mesh Tail Bow
  • Blue or Pink Shooting Star Brush


Raquel came in two poses.


  • 1 Purple Flower with Two Pink Bows Barrette
  • White Lace Scrunchy
  • 2 White and Hot Pink Lace Gloves
  • Hot Pink Tail Bow
  • Hot Pink Bow Comb


Tamara came in two poses.


  • Purple and Silver Mesh Hair Comb with Jewel
  • 2 Silver and Pink Garters
  • Purple Jewel Comb

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Fashion Star Fillies :: Feelin' Fancy