Fashion Star Fillies :: Song Star Sixteens

"In the world of ultra glamorous fashion, one name is on everyones lips: Fashion Star Fillies!"

Fashion Star Fillies were produced by Kenner in the mid 1980's. They were a series of shimmery, multi-coloured horses which could have their long manes and tails styled and bodies painted. There were several sets of fashion wear, hair & body adornments and one playset.

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Song Star Sixteens

"The Song Star Sixteens are the most popular music stars. Their outfits, hair and body designs are ever so flashy and trendy. Bobbi is the romantic '50's rock 'n roller, Janis is the cool rock star, and Jolene is the hot country western singer."

There were three ponies in the Song Star Sixteens series. They were in the same teengae mould the Sassy Sixteens and had a musical theme. They had glittery symbols on their sides and tinsel in their hair.



  • 4 Pink White and Black Shoes
  • Light Pink Ruffle Comb



  • Gold Rimmed Pink Sunglasses
  • 1 Purple Hoop Earring
  • 4 Silver Leggings
  • Pink Sheer Ribbon
  • Pink Sunglasses Comb



  • Black Cowgirl Hat
  • 4 Black Boots with Multicolor Sparkles
  • Blue Guitar Comb

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Fashion Star Fillies :: Song Star Sixteens