Fashion Star Fillies :: Sweet Scent Sixteens

"In the world of ultra glamorous fashion, one name is on everyones lips: Fashion Star Fillies!"

Fashion Star Fillies were produced by Kenner in the mid 1980's. They were a series of shimmery, multi-coloured horses which could have their long manes and tails styled and bodies painted. There were several sets of fashion wear, hair & body adornments and one playset.

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Sweet Scent Sixteens

"The Sweet Scent Sixteens are fun and spunky. Their unique fruit scents, attractive frosted legs and fun fruit barrettes set these fillies apart. Lalana has a passion for orange, while Shara loves cherry and Gina prefers grape"

There were three ponies in the Sweet Scent Sixteens series. They were in the same teenage mould the Sassy Sixteens. They were each scented and their paint was matte-finish with no metallic hue.



  • 2 Purple Grapes Barrettes
  • Lavendar Ribbon
  • Purple Fruit Comb



  • 2 Orange Shaped Barrettes
  • Orange Ribbon
  • Orange Fruit Comb



  • 2 Red Cherries Barrettes
  • Periwinkle Ribbon
  • Red Fruit Comb

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Fashion Star Fillies :: Sweet Scent Sixteens