Fashion Star Fillies :: Royal Beauties

"In the world of ultra glamorous fashion, one name is on everyones lips: Fashion Star Fillies!"

Fashion Star Fillies were produced by Kenner in the mid 1980's. They were a series of shimmery, multi-coloured horses which could have their long manes and tails styled and bodies painted. There were several sets of fashion wear, hair & body adornments and one playset.

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Royal Beauties

"The Royal Beauties are rich and beautiful with their regal body prints and stylish outfits. Cleo is the impressive and stunning Egyptian Empress, .Tonya the outrageous African Queen, and Anya the gorgeous Siberian Princess."

There were three ponies in the Royal Beauties series.



  • Mesh Robe with White Fur Trim
  • Iridescent Lavender Tail Bow
  • Lavender Icicle Comb



  • Gold Usekh Tail Skirt
  • Gold and Pink Uraeus Headband
  • 4 Gold Anklets
  • Blue Gem Comb



  • Purple Fur Cape
  • Purple, Pink, and Gold Hair Wrap
  • Purple and Gold Tail Wrap
  • Teal Star Comb

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Fashion Star Fillies :: Royal Beauties