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"Once upon a time in a magic pet shop, there lived six Fluppy dogs, each with a pom-pom nose, satin bows and fun-to-tie-up hair. A snuggly soft fluppy dog wants to be your best friend."

Fluppy Dogs began life as a Disney animation in 1986 and quickly turned into plush toys produced by Kenner. Along with the dogs & puppies there were also fashions sets & accessories, books and various other items. The line was due for expansion in 1987, but it never happened.

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There were two playsets produced for the Fluppy Dogs.

Flup Cycle

The "Flup Cycle" had a long lead which when pulled along made the Fluppy look like he was pedaling the bike.

Woof Walker

The "Woof Walker" was a dog collar with plastic lead to give the appearance your Fluppy was being taken for a walk.


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Fluppy Dogs :: Playsets