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Petite Ponies were produced by Hasbro in 1989-91. They were various sets of small 1" ponies with moulded and brushable hair, and had a horseshoe dent in their base. There were seven different sets plus eight playsets with a total of 78 ponies produced altogether. They had symbols on one side and only the ponies who came with the playsets were given names.

Images on this page thanks to Pablo, Renee, Drac de Paper, and eBay sellers ldarnall74, & ger_gin!

1st Series Packaging [1989]

First series ponies had moulded hair and sold in "ledge" packaging, which had reflective silver background under and behind the ponies. I've not come across any UK/Euro packaging for three of these sets, and it is possible they were not released outside of US & Canada. Packaging was dated 1989.

Pretty 'n Pearly Ponies

Pretty Pony Parade

Sunsparkle Ponies

US Canadian

Ponytail Ponies

Although the same in every other way, the Ponytail Parade packaging had no mirrored background. This set was not featured on the back packaging, so may have been released slightly after the above three sets.

Back Packaging

Back packaging was the same for all four first series sets, but only showed the first three sets of ponies (no Ponytail Ponies), plus all eight playsets.

Ponytail Ponies [UK/Euro]

I believe this was the first set to be released in UK/Europe, which is dated 1990.

This is UK packaging.

I've found the same packaging used in several different European countries.

Italy Germany

Spain Dutch/Belgium

This is the back of the Spanish version. I featured all eight playsets (with the UK/Euro brushable hair playset ponies) plus the Ponytail Ponies set.

2nd Series Packaging [1990]

Second series ponies were sold in a similar "ledge" packaging in the US, which now had a plain background and was fully encased around the edges. In UK/Europe, ponies were sold in flat blister packs with a mirrored background. These sets are dated 1990.

Bright Sight Ponies

US French

Glowing Magic Ponies

US French

Twinkle Ponies

US French

Back Packaging

Back packaging contained images of all eight playsets, plus the three new sets of ponies. This is the US version.

This is the French version, which showed the same selection of ponies and playsets.

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Petite Ponies :: Packaging