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"They're keys that unlock a world of magic!"

Petite Ponies were produced by Hasbro in 1989-91. They were various sets of small 1" ponies with moulded and brushable hair, and had a horseshoe dent in their base. There were seven different sets plus eight playsets with a total of 78 ponies produced altogether. They had symbols on one side and only the ponies who came with the playsets were given names.

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Large Playsets

There were two larger playsets produced which came with two new pony each and were given individual names.

All playsets had colour variations of their accessories.

  • Prancing Pretty Carousel (left)
  • Royal Pony Palace (right)

Prancing Pretty Carousel

"Petite Ponies are keys that magically make the carousel turn and play a song!"

Prancing Pretty Carousel came with Topper (ticket stubs) and Whirly (windmills). In the UK & Europe ponies had brushable tails, different poses and Topper was a pegasus.

The playset also included:

  • Carousel
  • Base
  • Train with Teapot Engine and 3 attachable Teacup Cars
  • Ticket Booth
  • Seesaw
  • Slide
  • 3 Fence Peices
  • Comb (UK/Euro only)
  • Label Sheet

Royal Pony Palace

"Petite Ponies magically make the light shine when they ride the elevator to the top!"

Royal Pony Palace came with Magic Star (wand symbol) and Sundrop (crown symbol), which had brushable tails wherever they were sold. In the UK Magic Star was called Princess Moondust and Sundrop was called Kingsley.

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Petite Ponies :: Large Playsets