Petite Ponies :: Pretty 'n Pearly Ponies

"They're keys that unlock a world of magic!"

Petite Ponies were produced by Hasbro in 1989-91. They were various sets of small 1" ponies with moulded and brushable hair, and had a horseshoe dent in their base. There were seven different sets plus eight playsets with a total of 78 ponies produced altogether. They had symbols on one side and only the ponies who came with the playsets were given names.

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Pretty 'n Pearly Ponies :: 1st Series

"Shimmering with a pearly glow!"

There were five Petite Pretty 'n Pearly Ponies produced and they had pearlized bodies. None had names.

  • Feather
  • Moon in Nightcap
  • Shell
  • Umbrella
  • Winged Heart

There was also a variation with eye paint.

The 1990 Hasbro catalogue image looked fairly similar to the production line ponies, the most notable difference was the seashell symbol and colouring.

The packaging image was also very similar to the production ponies, apart from the shell symbol being a different colour.

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Petite Ponies :: Pretty 'n Pearly Ponies