American Made Toys ~ Christmas Toy Adverts [1950]

“Christmas time is toy time. Give American toys.”

This ad by The American Toy Institute is from Christmas 1950. Following the ad were five pages full of various American manufactured toys.

For the best Christmas of all give American toys! American toys are designed first for fun, of course, and for safety; they’re made in factories that meet rigid American sanitary standards.

And besides bringing long lasting joy, American toys are planned to help children discover their aptitudes – to prepare for their future careers. American toys are an important investment in education and are scientifically designed to fit children’s needs at each age level.

This year American toy manufacturers bring you a record selection of thrilling new toys and new versions of old favourites at prices to fit all budgets.

So when you shop for children, go to your favourite toy department or toy store and ask to see the latest American toys. That’s the one sure way to make this Christmas the best Christmas of all.


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