Fashion Fair Cosmetics ~ Makeup Adverts [1980-1989]

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“For beauty so irresistible it’s flirtatious.”

These double page spread adverts for Fashion Fair Cosmetics date from 1980-89.

The company began back in 1973, producing cosmetics for “women of colour”, and is still going strong to this day.

Hot Chocolate

“Her look is dark, warm, rich and velvety smooth… with just a hint of spice. She’s a Hot Chocolate Beauty.”

Fresh & Easy

“A vivid expression of self-confidence… extraordinary colour that’s smooth and rich.”

The Look Of Elegance

“Exquisite simplicity, ravishing beauty, glorious colour.”

Swiss Chocolates

“You’ll never look sweeter.”

French Wine Colours

“Colours from the great wines of France.”

Casino Colours

“Go ahead! Put your money down and hit the jack pot.”

Mardi Gras Colours

“Festive and fantastic… capture the spirit!”

Fantasy Colours

“Live your dreams.”

Tropical Beauty

“Cascading waterfalls, coral reefs, pulsating rhythms and sultry nights.”

Moonlight & Roses

“All of your romantic dreams are wrapped up in the love-light of Moonlight and Roses.”

Springtime in Paris

“Say hello to the Eiffel Tower, the scent of beautiful blossoms and romance is in the air.”

Invitation to Elegance

“Take romance by the hand.”

Surrender to Beauty

“Give in to splendour when you Surrender to Beauty.”

Heartbeat of Love

“He says I radiate with beauty, sending his pulse racing. His sparks of love have been kindled into fiery romance.”

Colour Seduction

“When the moment calls for romance, slip into Colour Seduction.”


“For beauty so irresistible it’s flirtatious.”

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