Veto ~ Deodorant Adverts [1957]

“Double check your charm every day with VETO… the deodorant that drives away odour… dries away perspiration worries. (Remember, if you’re nice-to-be-next-to… next to nothing is impossible!)”

These Veto deodorant ads are all from 1957. They are glamorous and sexy, but don’t get too hot under the collar or you might start to get a bit stinky.

“Aren’t you glad you’re a girl? Isn’t it a fabulous feeling . . . to know he’d rather be close to you than anyone else in the wide, wide world? Don’t let anything mar this moment.”

“He’s yours, and you know it. It’s love, and you show it. What fabulous fun, being female, at a time like this! Don’t let anything mar this moment.”

“Nothing matters but you two. Your world is all wrapped up in this one momentous moment. Don’t let anything spoil it.”

“Moments like these are rare – and who knows when or where? When a memory is in the making, don’t let anything come between you.”

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