Simmons “Hide-A-Bed” ~ Adverts [1940’s-1950’s]

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“World’s smartest sofa hides the world’s most comfortable bed!”

These Hide-A-Bed ads by Simmons date from 1947 to 1956.

All ads have been cropped and edited.


Ads from the 1940’s mainly featured couple looking at their sofa bed like it was some kind of strange object.


1950 saw the couples enjoying activities around their sofa-bed.


“Come back and see my kitten” and “I like to take photographs up my nose” were themes of 1951.


The couples in the ads from 1952 onwards were much more fun with some great poses.




The ads from 1950-52 and all featured a selection of smaller photos of couples enjoying their sodas. Ads from 1956 were a selection of three medium sized images rather than one big one, so are also shown below. I’ve not found any ads from 1955.

I particularly like the chap cleaning his gun and the musical couple with squeeze-box and recorder.

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