Women’s Fashion Shoot [1989] Hat Parade!

“You, too, can join the Hat Parade!”

What was is store for us in the hat world of April 1989? Let’s find out!

“There’s nothing like a beautiful, flattering hat to make a lady feel feminine and very much a part of the beauty of spring. And this season there are many unusual creations especially designed to complement  your choice of daytime wear – from large, flirtatious cartwheels that frame the face, to pretty-as-a-picture creations that will emphasize a lovely lady’s profile. Black designer B. Michael, who has his own Dynasty Collection, lent his considerable talent to designs for Adolfo  II and Mr. John Classic,  including some fly-away saucers that were seemingly inspired by the classic headgear of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. Patricia Underwood has fresh, interesting designs that can be worn for many seasons, and  Madcaps offers its usual array of marvellous styles. On these pages we feature a selection of hats that should meet every lady’s needs. You, too, can join the Hat Parade! by donning an eye-catching chapeau to welcome the advent of spring.”

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