Women’s Fashion Shoot [1965] “Fashions In Orbit”

“Italian designers capture tone of ‘way out’ world.”

Space-age fashions from Ebony magazine, October 1965.

“It’s definitely “in” to be “way out” in the fashion world. This summer’s swimsuit styles, a kaleidoscope of colour and flesh, were a tip-off. They have given way to even more inspired fall and winter stylings. And the Ebony Fashion Fair styles from sunny Italy feature fashions that will put you in orbit.

“You have to be alert to be au courant these days. Top designers are trying to capture the pace and tone of the modern world. Feminine headgear alone, as shown on these pages, points up trend: sculptured space helmets, hooded masks a la The Phantom, leopard-skin cowls from fictional jungle goddesses, fluffy-sequined-ostrich-feathered coats – all might have been “too much” in bygone days.”

“But today, there is a revolution in the concept of clothed beauty. As someone put it, “A woman is either a goddess or a doormat.” You won’t find a doormat on these pages! For decoration is no longer a slave to practicality and simplicity. Why be plain in a snazzy world? Why be chained to the everyday world when astronauts float in space? That’s what space age fashion pacemakers ask.”

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