Women’s Fashion Shoot [1969] Moods For Sleeping

“Moods for sleeping from the old silver screen.”

This fashion article is from Life magazine, April 1969. It features French actress Genevieve Gilles modelling an array of glamorous nightwear.

“One mood is pure Hayworth. The other is all Monroe. The girl behind the moods, which evoke the spirit of Hollywood past, is a fresh young French actress named Genevieve Gilles. Helping her recall the glamour of the old silver screen is an imaginative selection of sleepwear. American lingerie designers have long known what ready-to-wear manufacturers have only recently found out – that women like to play dress-up at night. In her first movie Genevieve developed a flair for re-creating the fashion images of days gone by. It was a 20-minute short called The World of Fashion, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, and she portrayed women in every era from the 1920s to the imagined fashions of the 1980s. Accustomed to the less playful lingerie of Paris, Genevieve thinks the nocturnal masquerade is “funny” – by which she means a lot of fun.”

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