Catalogue Santa’s [1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s & 1990’s]

Just enough time to squeeze one more Christmas related post, featuring creepy life-like Santa masks, fake fire places and festive piƱatas found in a selection of US seasonal catalogues.

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Crazy, Mad, Vivid Toys! ~ Catalogues [1960’s]

Whilst I was scanning through my collection of 1960’s catalogues for a Powder Monki post featuring Lurid Lounge Wear, I also came across a selection of lurid coloured toys too. I’m now on the look out for the pink goose bank!

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Creepy Catalogue Clowns [1960’s-1980’s]

Like any normal human being, I have a healthy hatred of clowns. One stood on my foot once, and then there was Poltergeist. That said, here is a collection of clowns from various catalogues dating from 1962 to 1989. My favourite clowns are the ones being punched by small boys.

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Fur-tastic Bathroom Accessories of the 1970’s

Welcome madam, sir! Looking for some dubiously unhygienic fur coverings for your bathroom furniture? Well, step back into the 1970’s, you’ve come to the right place!

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Fuzzy Wuzzy Slippers ~ Catalogues [1960’s-1970’s]

“Slippers for little dreamers.”
Here are some super cute furry slippers from various catalogues from the 1960-70’s.

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Lurid Lounge Wear ~ Catalogues [1970’s]

Feeling a bit hung over from all that New Year’s Eve partying? Here’s some lurid lounge wear which won’t help with that one bit!


What’s That Smell? ~ Catalogues [1975]

Here’s a series of catalogue shots from 1975 using what I like to call the “What’s that smell?” pose.

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