Life Savers ~ Breath Freshener Adverts [1942-1947]

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“If she always struggles like this… When you wish she’d snuggle like this… Try this!”

These ads for Life Savers breath freshener sweets date from 1942-47. They were all black and white, long half-page ads with three alternately placed photos in each. The top photo featured various breath related romantic problems, the middle one how things could be, and the bottom one the solution.

It looks like 3 flavours were discontinued during 1942, as at the beginning of the year there were 14, and by the end there were only 11. This particular ad campaign only used “Wint-O-Green” and “Pep-O-Mint” flavours.

Between March 1943 and September 1945 the ads each had something similar to this at the bottom:

“Our soldiers, sailors, and marines enjoy Life Savers, too, and are ordering more of them every say. So…if you have trouble getting some favourite flavour, we know you won’t complain.”

“Only 5¢!”

“The candy with a hole.”

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