Movie Star ~ Lingerie Adverts [1960-1979]

“Brings out the actress in you!”

These Movie Star lingerie adverts date between 1960 and 1979. My favourite campaign is the “Damsel In Undress” series from 1967, which look like B-Movie stills. The “Get Dressed” / “Go To Bed” series from 1966/67 are graphically striking with their large black borders.

“Brings out the actress in you!” [1960]

“Everything about her says…” [1964]

“Is every movie star this beautiful?” [1965]

Get Dressed [1966-67]

Go To Bed [1968]

Damsel In Undress! [1969]

Julie Newman & Ingrid Pitt [1970]

“It’s a hassle to be a movie star. It only costs $16 to look like one.” [1971]

“It’s more fun to look like a movie star than to look at one.” [1972]

Movie Star [1973-74]

Go To Bed With Movie Star [1976-79]

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