Spun-lo ~ Lingerie Adverts [1951-1952] Illustrated

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“What all girls desire!”

These black and white illustrated ads for Spun-lo lingerie date from mid 1951-52. They had white backgrounds and a little rhyme about an expensive luxury and their cheap undies. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the artist was.


My hat’s a pink dream…
Though the cost was extreme,
I splurged… for it’s such a creation

But on undies I save
And I constantly rave
“Bout Spun-po, the love of the Nation!


“Nothing else will do for me!”

The ad style continued into 1952, with an updated logo added pretty early on.


My hairdo’s divine
All the boys say, “Be Mine”
I splurged for I know they’d adore it

But on undies I save
About Spun-lo I rave
And I pay just a few pennies for it!


“I yearn to relax at the end of the day. If I had to scrub undies, I’d throw them away!”

These two ads were published at the same time and also feature silly little rhymes about weight, laundry and budget.

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